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The photovoltaic cells are arranged in “light troughs” which are covered by lenses with extremely short focal length. As shown below these troughs are arranged on a platform mounted inside a circular ring floating on a thin layer of water. 

The platform follows the azimuthal movement of the sun by turning around its vertical axis. The troughs follow the sun’s elevation by tilting around their horizontal axes. Thus the lenses always point directly at the sun. They concentrate the sun’s radiation onto energy converter-units. These lens-cell-modules form the active elements of the platform. As mass-produced elements, the same troughs are used in both small and large power plants.


50 kW peak –platform with 54 feet diameter


The sealed linear troughs float on a shallow layer of water. A thin film of hydrophobic liquid prevents evaporative losses of the water. Up to ten lens modules are enclosed in each elevation-tracking trough. 

Since the troughs float on water, they do not experience deformation or twist by lateral force. Inside of the air-sealed trough is a thin walled bladder connected to the outside air, to equalize meteorological pressure changes. The lengths of the troughs adapts to the circular geometry. In the larger 50 kW production platform, 98% of the troughs will have the same length, that of the central 10-module troughs on our prototype. Installation procedures for larger plants will be the same as in the prototype.

picture4-1405209-1759495To produce Gigawatts of electricity a large number of PYRON-SOLAR platforms are placed close to each other into a shallow pond.  A plastic membrane  separates the body of water from the soil. 

Each platform has its own tracking for azimuth and sun elevation, controlled by the platform’s sun-sensors. An electric motor of about 1W performs the azimuthal tracking by turning a drive-wheel. 


The drawings show that it is advantageous to arrange three platforms as triads. Within the interstitial between the platforms a pillar 8 is positioned on which a drive wheel 6 is mounted which rotates the three platforms 3, 4, 5. From each pillar, spray beams 12 protrude to reach to the center of each of the three platforms. These spray beams supply pressurized water, conveyed by a pump 21 with filter 22 arranged on the cement-slab socket within the water body, to clean the lenses during the night, and to perfuse the lenses during sandstorms. In conjunction with the drive wheel 6, guide rollers 24 fixed on the slab-socket roll on a small ring-region below the floating ring of the platform to maintain the position of the three platforms within the water body. The pillars 8 are fixed to cement slabs 7 lying within the water body. Underwater-leads 20 transport the electricity to the collecting cable 23.

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