a brighter future

The need for clean technology and a renewable energy supply has become urgent. The sun, which warms us and helps plants grow, generates more power in one second than the largest of our nuclear or hydroelectric plants can produce in a year. However, despite the efforts of many, over a number of years, challenges have hindered scientist’s efforts to efficiently and scalably harness the power in the sun’s rays.

Until now. Pyron Solar has developed and refined an elegant, proprietary solution perfect for utility companies, those with rural electrification needs, and large commercial firms. As is true with many innovations, the solution, once understood, seems obvious. Yet no other company was able to develop and patent an optics system that so effectively captures and directs the sun’s energy; no other company uses water as a passive coolant and no other company has designed such a low-profile, attractive product.
Physicists worked on this technology, a labor of love, for nearly 20 years, before founding Pyron Solar in 2004. Management, manufacturing, research and development, sales and marketing functions are all located at the San Diego, California company headquarters. The product is scalable; its impact, global.